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A must-have tool for faster detection of stock market variation.

What do we have?

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) techs, we aim to provide comprehensive and up-to-date ASX-listed stock analysis that helps you strive for huge market success.


Our stock analysis can be streamed out before market, in market and after market, providing you extra views on your portfolio.

Supports for day trader

We know how important to win the seconds for day traders. We let you stay alerted by variation of Price, Bid/Offer, movement of big fishes and many others ...


We know how much you paid your accountant to calculate your transaction gain. That's why we are going to zero them out to preserve your profit.


Here are screen shots of our selected views of our charts, reports.

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  • Analysis

After-trade report

Showing price-tiers by volume/cost.

After-trade report

Showing wether money is coming in/out.

Stock tagging report

Showing what other say about the stock.

Our Services

Our services are provided by membership. Pick up free starter or the feature-rich one, according to your trading needs. Check out services and select your membership option for best fit.


Compose your own portfolio and we can add our market insights to provide you the extra views.

First minute

Subscribe to first-minute stock list with Bid/Offer trending. You can decide your trading strategy right before market opens

Day trader

Eager to sell/buy? Want to be motivated by other big fishes? Subcribe to Day Trading Push to obtain first-hand market variation.

Transaction mate

Make use of our handful tools to review and analyse your transations and to reveal your trading patterns and behaviors


Four-tier of memberships are available to purchase: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Free membership

$0 / month

  • Daily volume by price
  • Daily money in-out
  • Stock tags
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$.. / month

  • Free features included
  • Monthly volume by price
  • Monthly money in-out
  • Pre- market report
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$.. / month

  • Bronze features included
  • Pre-market scan
  • In-market scan
  • After-market scan
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$.. / month

  • Silver features included
  • Advanced scan
  • Date trading push
  • Transaction mate
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