Refund Policy

AI-STOCK offers the option to pay the membership fee in monthly instalments. Members who choose this option authorise AI-STOCK to deduct the monthly membership fee for a minimum term of 12 months.

The monthly membership fee will be one-twelfth of the total annual membership. If we failed to charge against your nominated payment method, your membership service will be stopped.

Members who pay via monthly instalment authorise AI-STOCK to deduct the remaining balance of their annual membership fee on a monthly basis as directed in this application or by other means where appropriate, in the event membership is cancelled within the 12 month period.


AI-STOCK will not generally issue membership refunds. Refunds may be made under exceptional circumstances at AI-STOCK’s discretion. An administrative fee may apply. Submissions for a refund must be made to

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding to refund and refund policy, contact us at